Rugby Roadshow @ Belapan Stadium

Kids are the future rugby. Rugby, to most, is a great lesson to learn in building character. It carries values like respect, integrity, and discipline that one would say in most rugby players today. The Rugby Roadshow last saturday is a step for the Union to show these kids how Rugby is not only a fun sport, but a sport that will teach them almost everything to be ready for.



Expanding Horizons


The Union announced a Press Release last Friday on the upcoming Darussalam Cup Finals which hosted the KB Pythons against the Bandar Blacks and a brief overview of the plan for the BRFU to progress in the future. This includes the plan to register Brunei as a member of the IRB which will bring great prospects in the development of the sport here at home.

Read the article in the Borneo Bulletin here: 

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Brunei Senior Rugby League Tournament 2012: FINAL & Rugby Roadshow

Update your schedules because The Finals of this year’s Brunei Senior League Tournament will happen this Saturday on the 9th of June!

But that is not all, because take part in BRFU’s Rugby Roadshow starting at 2pm on the same day and learn why we love rugby!

Learn rugby, watch rugby, what a way to spend the afternoon. Hear it here in Brunei Rugby Online.

SLRT2012 Semi Finals: Pythons vs Sharks (22 – 20)


A tearful farewell for the Sharks but a joyous occasion for the Pythons! Last Saturday’s rugby had been the closest and most intense of rugby matches this year with each side working their hardest to get second placing, only to end with small difference that could end with either winner, yet finally giving the Pythons to gain a chance for the Finals. It seems that this year’s tournament has shown the true meaning of Blood, Swear, and Tears.

The KB Pythons will now bring the fight out to the Bandar Blacks, currently Kamaruddin Cup champions and first place in the tournament, at Belapan Stadium on 9th June 2012. We ask the the audience to not miss it then because the Rugby Roadshow will also be held then.

2 Weeks Left and Counting. Hear it here in Brunei Rugby Online!

Check out the photos HERE, courtesy to Faiq Airudin for the great photos.

Check the Brunei Times article today HERE

SLRT 2012 and Rugby Roadshow Update

Web Admin Update: To clarify a mistake. The venue of the Semi-Finals will not be in UBD Rugby Field, but in Panaga Club Rugby Field. Error is regretted.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the latest updates of the tournament, the semifinals will be held on the 26th of May, with the KB Pythons playing  against the UBD Sharks again in the Panaga Rugby Field as they compete for 2nd placing in the knock out tables, paving a path towards who will play against the champions of the league tables, the Bandar Blacks.

The Rugby Roadshow will be held simultaneously on the same day as the Finals, 9th June 2012.

It is a good idea to invite your friends, your family, your relatives, your grandparents, your boyfriends, your girlfriends, your lovers, your husbands, your wives, your kids, and etc etc to pop by Balapan Field on 9th June 2012 then, have a good time, and catch one of the electrifying rugby event this year!

For more updates, see us in Brunei Rugby Online!

1. Semi Final : BSLRT 2012

Date: 26th MAY 2012 

Time:  4pm

Venue:  Panaga Rugby Field


2. Rugby Roadshow 2012

Date: 9th June 2012(Saturday)

Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue: Balapan Sport Complex, Berakas


3. Final:  BSLRT 2012

Date: 9th June 2012(Saturday)

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Venue: Balapan Sport Complex, Berakas

Pythons vs Bandar Blacks: 24 – 15, Bandar Blacks wins Kamaruddin Cup

WEB ADMIN note: Still looking for photos.

The last match shows that our brothers in Belait are striving to pick up from before, winning yesterday’s match! Yet despite losing their first match after a string of wins, the Bandar Blacks earn their title as winners of the Kamaruddin Cup, ranking highest on the league tables this year. Will it mean that the rivals will now face a much harder game in the playoffs?

But the battle is not over yet, ladies and gentlemen. Because there are two trophies and the biggest one yet, the Darussalam Cup is yet to have any takers.

This year’s games have been ferocious, intense and surprising and the three teams, the Bandar Blacks, KB Pythons, and UBD Sharks, will fight to gain the title of Darussalam Cup Champions.

26th May 2012, that’s next week, will now bring the Semi Finals to UBD Rugby Field with the Pythons playing the Sharks again. The Clash of Animals, ladies and gentlemen, is something not to be missed.