A5N Brunei National Team and ARFU U20 7s Brunei National Team

Introducing the National Teams for the Asian 5 Nations and the ARFU U20 7s. Recently the boys went for a photoshoot for some promotional work with BRFU President Dr Hj Kamaruddin, showcasing a strong team ready for their respective tournaments. The SLRT is still on but these boys are already showing some brotherhood.

A5N Brunei Rugby National Team 2012


ARFU U20 7s Brunei National Team 2012


A5N National Squad

Team Manager: Ainol Razman bin Ghazaly

Asst Manager: Muhd Khalil Hazazi bin Abdul Latif

Team Coach: Julian Edward Penstone

Asst Coach: Samra bin Hj Saari

  • Augustine Asson Anak Mulok
  • Ahmad Faez bin Anwar
  • Nobel Lee
  • Md Khairi bin Salam
  • Syahwal Nizam bin Haji Yani
  • Willson Rudy Anak Jemut
  • Lim Shen Quan
  • Mike Faatahe Lewis
  • Muhd Redha Hj Adinin
  • Hj Muhd Firdaus Hj Razali
  • Tajul Barakat Hj Abd Latip
  • Hj Mohd Azmie bin Hj Mohd Sunnylai
  • Muhd Ali Nuurul Saffuan bin Muhd Ali
  • Murray Niven Thompson
  • Sui Poh Chai
  • Muhd Azhar bin Hj Timbang
  • Mohd Aimaduddin bin Hj Ali
  • Ziyad bin Hj Ramlee
  • Petrus Anak Tuan
  • Md Zudhi bin Hj Ramlee
  • Joseph Stowers
  • Halil Wakiyuddin bin Kamis
  • Su’ud bin Hamid
  • Iqbal Dato Paduka Hj Selamat
  • Mohd Zailani bin Zainal Abidin
  • Muhd Isa bin Hj Muhammad
  • Ronny Anak Tarang
  • Muhd Fahmi bin Mahusin
  • Rosman bin Awang Lamat
  • Ak Mu’izzuddin

ARFU U20 7s National Squad

Team Manager: Owen Martin

Team Coach: Johannas Hickey

  • Castello Anak Fredreick Selos
  • Jack Francis
  • Pullan
  • Christopher James Abraham
  • Muhammad Hafiz Bin Haslen
  • Md Azizan bin Hj Zainal Ariffin
  • Md Aliuddin Bin Awang Timbang
  • Md Asanuddin Bin Awang Timbang
  • Benjamin James Goy
  •  Foliga Mundia
  • Muhd Fahmi Hanafi Bin Haji Mamit
  • Mohammad Faris Izzuddin Bin Dr Hj Supry
  • Muhammad bin Haji Kamit
  • Muhd Farhan Bin Hamdani
  • Allan Robertson


WEB ADMIN: For national team players whose names are not listed here, we like to inform that the list is not the final selection list. Please comment on this page so we can make necessary additions.

Brunei Senior Rugby League Tournament 2012 : Fixtures

Ruggers and Supporters, here are the schedule and fixtures of this year’s Senior League where the tournament stretches from April to June. The four tournament participants are the KB Pythons, IPT Sharks, Bandar Blacks, and MS Police (Of which, confirmation is pending in their participation this year). Other items of which are also to be confirmed is the venue of the playoffs and finals, the majestic Belapan Field, as well as the Police Stadium.

Although, spectators can watch this year’s rugby at the Panaga Club Rugby Field in the Belait District, and the UBD Rugby Field located at the University’s Sports Complex, home of the KB Pythons and the Sharks respectively.

Also announced: This years National Squad Training for the Asian 5 Nations begins in 28th of April 2012

Bring your flags, your banners, and your loud voices to support your favorite teams and remember to observe discipline on viewing. It’s a friendly sport, the rugby, probably played by the nicest people in the country.

Follow up the rugby action in Brunei here in Brunei Rugby Online!













UBD Sharks Vs Bandar Blacks UBD C 4.00 – 6.00pm
MS Police Vs KB Pythons * 4.00 – 6.00pm







KB Pythons Vs UBD Sharks Panaga 4.00 – 6.00pm
Bandar Blacks Vs MS Police UBD C 4.00 – 6.00pm







Bandar Blacks Vs KB Pythons UBD C 4.00 – 6.00pm
MS Police Vs UBD Sharks * 4.00 – 6.00pm


28/04/2012 First squad Training for A5N








Bandar Blacks Vs UBD Sharks UBD C 4.00 – 6.00pm
KB Pythons Vs  MS Police Panaga 4.00 – 6.00pm
Vs 4.00 – 6.00pm







UBD Sharks Vs KB Pythons UBD C 4.00 – 6.00pm
MS Police Vs Bandar Blacks * 4.00 – 6.00pm
Vs 4.00 – 6.00pm







KB Pythons Vs Bandar Blacks Panaga 4.00 – 6.00pm
UBD Sharks Vs Police UBD C 4.00 – 6.00pm
Vs 4.00 – 6.00pm


Semi-Final 1 (2nd plays 3rd)

Belapan Field*

4.25 – 6.00pm*

Semi-Final 2 (1st plays 4th)

Belapan Field*

8.00 – 10.00pm*




3RD & 4TH Play-off

Belapan Field*

4.00 – 6.00pm*

Grand Final

Belapan Field*

8.00 – 10.00pm*

* To Be Confirmed

We believe in Us

“Boy .. did you guys play cricket or rugby?”

“It must be hard on the boys ..”

“We shouldn’t be in this group, Laos Cambodia and Indonesia is where we should be …”

It’s a week to this day when we were beaten by Guam … our biggest losing margin in an International test match (so we thought) but 3 days later, we were thrashed by the Volcanoes by a bigger margin.

What went wrong?

We need to work on the 4Ms in rugby:-

  1. Method,
  2. Material,
  3. Manpower &
  4. measurement

To have all these Ms we need the most important M of all – MONEY!

The boys did the best within their capabilities. I feel for them when I saw a couple of them shed their tears after the games. It is not their fault. What they are lack of are these 5Ms.


After the great BRFU Season, the management team has narrowed down 40 of the best players in the league. Sadly only 18 turned up during the first training session, and a lot of them has turned the offer down based on their other commitments. This is very crucial for any National Team, we need a large pool of players to choose from. We need players who are willing to forgo everything … and having the pride of representing his nation. To represent the nation is a privilege and not their rights. We need players to compete within the training camp to be the best. Only with this .. we can have a strong national team as they will be a healthy competition within the training camp, everyone will give 150% effort to be chosen.


When we were in Guam, we were given training equipments that most of our players used for the very first time. Some of the boys didn’t even know how to put on the contact suit. We need these materials for us to prepare our boys physically and psychologically. We need the boys to receive big hits by their peers, and we need their peers to give them the big hits without injuring them. When they are use to receive all these hits, they body and mind will be prepared for it, hence they won’t be any more fear when you get the big hits from their opponents. Rugby is all about contact.

We also need Machines to bulk the boys up. The boys need to have more muscle in order to compete internationally. We do have the height and the weight, what we need is for them to tone up a wee bit. (or bulk up for the others … you know who you are.)


Coaches need to go for trainings too, the coaches need to improve their method of coaching. For 25 years of playing (minus 10 years here and there) I’ve learned the same method over and over again, until I met Mr. Willie Hetaraka who was in Guam coaching the Guam National Side. His coaching method was based on the law of the game. It is something new to all of us, and with this knowledge we can improve our strategy of the game. We need to work on our Strength and improve our Weaknesses. We need to know where we went wrong, only with mistakes we learn to be better.


How do you measure yourselves in this game? Through experience. The more you play the more rugby knowledge you’ll get.

We also need specialize measurement for each players in the team. For example:-

  1. heavy and Mobile front row forwards
  2. Tall and mobile 2nd rowers
  3. Fast and aggressive back row forwards
  4. agile, fast and cunning scrumhalf
  5. precision, fast and agile fly half
  6. fast and robust midfield backs
  7. very fast wings and fullbacks

How do we measure this, let the coaches set the target!

Best the MOST important M for us to achieve all these is MONEY. The Union has spend a lot of moolahs trying to develop the game in the country. We need Cash to send our players abroad to play more international TEST matches. Only by playing more, the players can gain more experience and know where they are lack in.

To send a team for a weekend test match abroad, we will need at least BND20K. But the question is always chicken or egg first when it comes to the sponsors. Prove to us that you can win, we will give you the grant, but for us, without the grant, we can go further than where we are.

We have a very young team now. 7 of the players have not reached the age of 20 yet whilst the rest of them are below 23. Three of them are between 23-25 and 2 of them are below 30. Only Granpa Hansie and Uncle Qadir are well above their 30’s. I believe in this team. I see their camaraderie and I am proud to say, THIS is the team of the future for the next 5 years. With the right Method, more Manpower having enough materials and ready to be measured with some money … I believe the current team will make Brunei Proud of their achievements. Only Time will tell.

So for the potential sponsors out there, who believe in us, please do not hesitate to contact us at bruneirugby@yahoo.com

Let’s do this for BRUNEI!


We would like to thank Stephan Gratham, Janice Sablan, Guam Marriott Resort and the rest of Guam RU for their hospitality, Jay Savage of Philippines RU and Sean Moore of ARFU for their assistance, Willie Hetaraka for the pointers, Jarrad of IRB, Team Guam and Team Philippines for the hard knock lesson, Brunei’s Youth and Sports Department … and last but not least … the rest of you who believe in us.

Håfa Adai Guam!

On February 21, 2008, the International Rugby Board (IRB) confirmed the introduction of this major international Tournament to the Rugby calendar in April. The IRB-supported competition, which will involve Japan, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Korea and the Arabian Gulf, will play an important role in the ongoing development of the Game across the Region.

The IRB is committed to increasing global playing standards and the Tournament, which has received funding in the form of a US$500,000 IRB grant, represents the pinnacle of a complete restructuring of competition structures in Asia by the Region’s governing body, the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU).

The Tournament is considered vital for the development and expansion of Rugby throughout Asia and will give our elite players the chance to perform in front of a significantly expanded TV audience, whilst providing a platform for development at all other levels.

The Asian Five Nations Tournament is the pinnacle of four newly formed tiers of elite competition across all 25 Asian Rugby Unions with promotion and relegation opportunities between divisions for all participating teams. The last placed team in the Asian Five Nations in 2008 will be relegated to the 2009 Division One competition and the top team in Division One will gain promotion to the Asian Five Nations. The promotion and relegation policy will also be in effect for the Division One and Division Two competitions, guaranteeing an opportunity for all Unions to advance on the world stage.

In the HSBC/ARFU 5 Nation (AFN) that was held recently, Japan was crowned Champion whilst Korea, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan was 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. It was unfortunate for Arabian Gulf, as the were demoted to division 2.

The first Division will include Republic of China, Chinese Taipei, Singapore and Sri Lanka. This tournament will be held hosted by Chinese Taipei. The second Division teams are Thailand, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. This tournament will played between 11th till 16th June in Bangkok, Thailand.

4 regional divisions were set up to help the developing rugby nation to improve their standard of the game. In the Asia Pacific Regional Tournament, Guam, Philippines and Brunei will be playing in Hagåtña, Guam from 28th June till 5th July 2008.

In the South East Asia regional division; Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos were grouped together. This division will be played in Jakarta, Indonesia. Iran, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were grouped under the Central Asian division and Macau, Mongolia and Qatar is grouped together in the other regional division. No dates have yet been announced for both these divisions.

Meanwhile, the Brunei National Team has been training together since 21st May to select the National team touring to Guam. 24 players will be selected for this squad, which will be headed by BRFU President, Dr Haji Kamaruddin bin Dato’ Seri Paduka Haji Talib as the team manager and Zakaria Haji Hamzah as the Head Coach. They will be assisted by Ainol Razman Ghazaly as the Assistant Manager as well as the Forwards Coach.

The players will be officially named on Saturday 7th June 2008 after the friendly match against RBAF in Berakas Camp at 4.15pm.

Call to Arms : Guam

Two Open Selection session to choose players for the National team tour to Guam will be organized in Seria and Bandar this week.

Schedule is as follows:

Seria (Lorong 5 Padang) : 3pm – 6pm / 28th May 2008 (Wednesday)

Bandar (Kebajikan Field 2): 3pm – 6pm / 30th May 2008 (Friday)

All are welcome. Please bring Jogging Shoes, Boots, T shirt and Rugby Shorts.

Please contact Head Coach Zakaria Haji Hamzah for more details at +6738174765 or email us bruneirugby (at) yahoo (dot) com

What a Final

How should I describe it …. amazing? Awesome? heart thumping? Stressful?

Let’s say … all of the above!

Full time Bandar Blacks 9 Pythons 9

Extra time 9 Pythons 9

Sudden death 9 Pythons 9

Drop Goal competition: Bandar Blacks 2 Pythons 1, I googled for “Drop Goal Competition Winner”, guess what .. there is none! Should I say that Bandar Blacks are the World’s first winner of a Drop Goal Competition. How is that for the record book.

Did I mention it’s an awesome final …. hell yeah it was!

The WINNER is definitely Brunei Rugby.

Man of the Tournament: Petrus Tuan of Belait Pythons

Man of the Final: Ahmad Faez Anwar (Ezy) of Bandar Blacks

Most Improved team: ABDB Rugby

League Winner for Dr Haji Kamaruddin Cup: Belait Pythons

Play off Winner for Darussalam Cup: Bandar Blacks

Thank you for your support, what an amazing season. We’ll see you again next year!