Press Release for U20 Sevens and A5N Fifteen Squad

We thank the support of our sponsors, partners, players, and everyone who made this possible. The U20 Boys are now playing in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for the ARFU U20 Sevens Championship while the A5N squad will be off this Sunday to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the HSBC A5N Division 5 Tournament.

We give thanks to Total E&P Borneo B.V., Halliburton, QoS, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for helping our teams to go partake for our big year in Brunei Rugby.


“These are exciting times for Brunei rugby players with the National Senior Brunei Rugby Football Union (BRFU), squad competing in the 15 a-side Division 5 of the Asian 5Nations Championships (A5N) in Cambodia and the BRFU National U20 7 a-side squad competing in the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU) U20 7’s Championships in Malaysia from 22nd to 25th June.”


“BRFU is very grateful to Total E&P Borneo B.V., Halliburton, QoS, Ministry of Education and Ministry of culture Youth and Sports for their extremely generous support which has ensured the U20’s participation in their championships and that the National Senior Squad’s preparations for A5N have been better than ever.”


“Brunei resumes its quest to become A5N Division 5 Champions after a one year hiatus when BRFU took up ARFU’s offer to use the funding earmarked for participation in A5N for development of the game in Brunei instead. This has proved an excellent decision as with additional funds from BRFU’s partners; Total E&P Borneo B.V., Halliburton, QoS, Ministry of Education and Ministry of culture Youth and Sports, BRFU has introduced a systematic youth development programme into a number of local schools supported by the Ministry of Education’s Co-Curricular Department and teachers from the Centre for British Teachers (CfBT) who have given freely of their time to coach the youngsters and supported a rugby Fun Day in March which marked the beginning of the formation of the U20 7’s squad. This funding has also enabled BRFU to successfully run its domestic league and international 7 a-side squads over the past year.”


“The BRFU squad leaves for Phnom Penh on Sunday 24th of June to resume old rivalries against their hosts Cambodia on 26th June and Laos on 28th June before returning to Brunei on 29th June. The squad has been training hard for the last few of weeks and are determined to achieve a clean sweep after beating Cambodia but losing to a Laos team containing a number of experienced expatriate players forming the spine of their team in the last encounter between the two sides two years ago. Under International Rugby board regulations players are eligible to play for the country in which they live as long as they have completed three years residence. However, wherever possible it is BRFU’s policy to select native Bruneians and the Brunei squad only contains players who qualify by residence.”


At the same time as the Brunei senior squad embark on their adventure, the U20’s 7’s squad will be playing in the “ARFU U20 7’s Championship in Johor Baru, Malaysia.  Competing against squads from many of Asia’s leading rugby nations including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, China, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Uzbekistan, the Brunei boys hope to give a good account of themselves in what will be a steep learning curve in top Asian international rugby. The squad has made significant progress since they started training in early April. However it seems that one fly in the ointment may be that despite the excellent support the MOE in the national cause in releasing Mr Hans Hickey who has been coaching the squad voluntarily in his free time,”


“BRFU believes the co-operation and support of the Ministries of Education and Culture Youth and Sport for BRFU’s programme together with the financial support of BRFU’s commercial partners Total E&P Borneo B.V., Halliburton and QoS and the technical support of Ministry of Education and Ministry of culture Youth and Sports have marked a new chapter in the development of  rugby in Brunei and provided a model for the government and private sector to continue to work together to grow and progress the sport in Brunei in the future. In the meantime,



U20 7s team

  1. Castello anak Frederick Selos
  2. Jack Francis Pullan
  3. Christopher James Abraham
  4. Muhammad Hafez Haslen
  5. Md Azizan b Hj Zainal Abidin
  6. Md Aliuddin bin Awang Timbang
  7. Md Asanuddin bin Awang Timbang
  8. Benjamin James Goy
  9. Foliga Mondia
  10. Muhd Fahmi Hanafi bin Hj Mamit
  11. Mohammad Faris Izuddin bin Dr Hj Supry
  12. Muhammad bin Hj Kamit
  13. Muhd Farhan bin Hamdani
  14. Owen Martin (Manager)
  15. Johannas Hickey (Head Coach)
  16. Allan Robertson (Physio)


Brunei XV Squad

  1. Iqbal Dato Haji Selamat
  2. Hj Mohd Azmiee Hj Mohd Sunnylai
  3. Reynold Anak Balaja
  4. Lim Chee Chang
  5. Awangku Mohammad Naqiuddin bin Pengiran Mohammad Ali
  6. Muhammad Redha bin Haji Adinin
  7. Muhd Ali Nuurul Saffuan bin Muhd Ali
  8. Md Azahar bin Hj Timbang
  9. Muhammad Ziyad bin Haji Ramlee
  10. Petrus Anak Tuan
  11. Hj Muhd Firdaus Hj Razali
  12. Halil Wakiyuddin bin Kamis
  13. Ronny Anak Tarang
  14. Mohammad Isa bin Haji Mohamad
  15. Lim Shen Quan
  16. Syahwal Nizam bin Haji Yani
  17. Awg Muhd Arif bin Awg Hashim
  18. Mike Potii Faatahe
  19. Abdul Halim bin Ali
  20. Mohd Khairul Anuar bin Awang Hj Matusin
  21. Tajul Barakat bin Haji Abd. Latip
  22. Augustin Asson Anak Mulok
  23. Muhammad Fahmi bin Mahusin
  24. Awangku Muhammad Mu’izuddin bin Pengiran Ismail
  25. Ainol Razman bin Mohd Ghazaly (Manager)
  26. Julian Edward Penstone (Head Coach)
  27. Muhammad Khalil Hazazi bin Abdul Latif (Asst Manager)

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