SLRT2012 Semi Finals: Pythons vs Sharks (22 – 20)


A tearful farewell for the Sharks but a joyous occasion for the Pythons! Last Saturday’s rugby had been the closest and most intense of rugby matches this year with each side working their hardest to get second placing, only to end with small difference that could end with either winner, yet finally giving the Pythons to gain a chance for the Finals. It seems that this year’s tournament has shown the true meaning of Blood, Swear, and Tears.

The KB Pythons will now bring the fight out to the Bandar Blacks, currently Kamaruddin Cup champions and first place in the tournament, at Belapan Stadium on 9th June 2012. We ask the the audience to not miss it then because the Rugby Roadshow will also be held then.

2 Weeks Left and Counting. Hear it here in Brunei Rugby Online!

Check out the photos HERE, courtesy to Faiq Airudin for the great photos.

Check the Brunei Times article today HERE


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