Pythons vs Bandar Blacks: 24 – 15, Bandar Blacks wins Kamaruddin Cup

WEB ADMIN note: Still looking for photos.

The last match shows that our brothers in Belait are striving to pick up from before, winning yesterday’s match! Yet despite losing their first match after a string of wins, the Bandar Blacks earn their title as winners of the Kamaruddin Cup, ranking highest on the league tables this year. Will it mean that the rivals will now face a much harder game in the playoffs?

But the battle is not over yet, ladies and gentlemen. Because there are two trophies and the biggest one yet, the Darussalam Cup is yet to have any takers.

This year’s games have been ferocious, intense and surprising and the three teams, the Bandar Blacks, KB Pythons, and UBD Sharks, will fight to gain the title of Darussalam Cup Champions.

26th May 2012, that’s next week, will now bring the Semi Finals to UBD Rugby Field with the Pythons playing the Sharks again. The Clash of Animals, ladies and gentlemen, is something not to be missed.


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