We believe in Us

“Boy .. did you guys play cricket or rugby?”

“It must be hard on the boys ..”

“We shouldn’t be in this group, Laos Cambodia and Indonesia is where we should be …”

It’s a week to this day when we were beaten by Guam … our biggest losing margin in an International test match (so we thought) but 3 days later, we were thrashed by the Volcanoes by a bigger margin.

What went wrong?

We need to work on the 4Ms in rugby:-

  1. Method,
  2. Material,
  3. Manpower &
  4. measurement

To have all these Ms we need the most important M of all – MONEY!

The boys did the best within their capabilities. I feel for them when I saw a couple of them shed their tears after the games. It is not their fault. What they are lack of are these 5Ms.


After the great BRFU Season, the management team has narrowed down 40 of the best players in the league. Sadly only 18 turned up during the first training session, and a lot of them has turned the offer down based on their other commitments. This is very crucial for any National Team, we need a large pool of players to choose from. We need players who are willing to forgo everything … and having the pride of representing his nation. To represent the nation is a privilege and not their rights. We need players to compete within the training camp to be the best. Only with this .. we can have a strong national team as they will be a healthy competition within the training camp, everyone will give 150% effort to be chosen.


When we were in Guam, we were given training equipments that most of our players used for the very first time. Some of the boys didn’t even know how to put on the contact suit. We need these materials for us to prepare our boys physically and psychologically. We need the boys to receive big hits by their peers, and we need their peers to give them the big hits without injuring them. When they are use to receive all these hits, they body and mind will be prepared for it, hence they won’t be any more fear when you get the big hits from their opponents. Rugby is all about contact.

We also need Machines to bulk the boys up. The boys need to have more muscle in order to compete internationally. We do have the height and the weight, what we need is for them to tone up a wee bit. (or bulk up for the others … you know who you are.)


Coaches need to go for trainings too, the coaches need to improve their method of coaching. For 25 years of playing (minus 10 years here and there) I’ve learned the same method over and over again, until I met Mr. Willie Hetaraka who was in Guam coaching the Guam National Side. His coaching method was based on the law of the game. It is something new to all of us, and with this knowledge we can improve our strategy of the game. We need to work on our Strength and improve our Weaknesses. We need to know where we went wrong, only with mistakes we learn to be better.


How do you measure yourselves in this game? Through experience. The more you play the more rugby knowledge you’ll get.

We also need specialize measurement for each players in the team. For example:-

  1. heavy and Mobile front row forwards
  2. Tall and mobile 2nd rowers
  3. Fast and aggressive back row forwards
  4. agile, fast and cunning scrumhalf
  5. precision, fast and agile fly half
  6. fast and robust midfield backs
  7. very fast wings and fullbacks

How do we measure this, let the coaches set the target!

Best the MOST important M for us to achieve all these is MONEY. The Union has spend a lot of moolahs trying to develop the game in the country. We need Cash to send our players abroad to play more international TEST matches. Only by playing more, the players can gain more experience and know where they are lack in.

To send a team for a weekend test match abroad, we will need at least BND20K. But the question is always chicken or egg first when it comes to the sponsors. Prove to us that you can win, we will give you the grant, but for us, without the grant, we can go further than where we are.

We have a very young team now. 7 of the players have not reached the age of 20 yet whilst the rest of them are below 23. Three of them are between 23-25 and 2 of them are below 30. Only Granpa Hansie and Uncle Qadir are well above their 30’s. I believe in this team. I see their camaraderie and I am proud to say, THIS is the team of the future for the next 5 years. With the right Method, more Manpower having enough materials and ready to be measured with some money … I believe the current team will make Brunei Proud of their achievements. Only Time will tell.

So for the potential sponsors out there, who believe in us, please do not hesitate to contact us at bruneirugby@yahoo.com

Let’s do this for BRUNEI!


We would like to thank Stephan Gratham, Janice Sablan, Guam Marriott Resort and the rest of Guam RU for their hospitality, Jay Savage of Philippines RU and Sean Moore of ARFU for their assistance, Willie Hetaraka for the pointers, Jarrad of IRB, Team Guam and Team Philippines for the hard knock lesson, Brunei’s Youth and Sports Department … and last but not least … the rest of you who believe in us.


4 thoughts on “We believe in Us”

  1. Placement in the right division would enable Brunei Rugby to improve steadily whilst being competitive instead of being thrashed by higher standard unions. We were just out gunned on the field from 1-15, except for maybe our Number 8 who played an exceptional 2 games and led from the front, Eazy you the man, El Capitan. But we need to definitely look at placing us in a division that pits like against like instead of a David and Goliath fixture where David isn’t armed with his sling shot. We could have been a little bit better conditioned to the physicality of the two tests as well by having the equipment you talked about, which would have helped, as well as having a better series of practice games that were as hard or harder than our expected test assignments. Preparation was made as hard as possible considering the time frame and the personnel that was present for the team. On the whole it was a lesson and a half learnt the hard way. Oh yeah the makan on offer at the Marriot was a killer as well. I’m sure most of the boys put on a couple of KGs while staying there for the Test Series, I know I did!!

  2. Nothing new learned here, in fact it was more less a suicide mission and an embarrassment both for the team and the country. I (and others too) knew from the the beginning that this was no tournament to reckon with. May be if our Union representative for ARFU was still in the committee our placing in the division would’ve been questioned, challenged and may be changed? Which raises another issue. We need a rep in ARFU so that we have a say in tournaments like this and it’s too bad we don’t have Stuart Alpe anymore.
    We also need to make better decisions; Was is it wise to enter this tournament, given the history of the other 2 teams, the time frame of the teams preparation, and the availability of Brunei’s TOP players; Yes, that was a good team but that was not our best.
    I’m pretty sure that the Union knew that our record with the Ministry is not great, and so such huge losses is not gonna help when we want to take other teams abroad.
    Yes, money plays a big role in the development (I think everyone knows that), but even TOP coaches would say that quality players can also be produced from nothing, like they advice in IRB LEVEL 1 COACHING COURSE ‘Use what you have around you’….
    However, perhaps the best result that came out of this tournament is our relegation, which means that we will be in the right division next year.

  3. Gents,

    We at the PRFU would like to work alongside you in developing local talent. We too need to work on that over here.Of course we are fortunate to be able to call on players of Philippine heritage scattered throughout the rugby world who have grown up with the game. Our biggest challenge now is to increase the number of home grown members of the elite squad.

    I would like to propose that the PRFU and BRFU arrange home and away fixtures where the Brunei National Team could play the Philippine Development 15. If this is of interest then we can get to work on the logistics.

    I would also invite the BRFU to enter a National Team in the Manila Tens. Of course this is not 15’s but the players will get the opportunity to play against quality opposition where the experience is more important than the result. I can assist with accomodation, transport etc.I am responsible for the entries for Manila Tens 2009 and can hold a spot for you.

    I personally take my hat off to your lads. Yes, they were outplayed and heavilly defeated in both games but they did not give up, and spirit, guts and determination is not something that is taught. For those who were perhaps disheartened ‘DO NOT GIVE UP’In years come you will have laid the foundations for future success.

    Phil Gittus (Team Manager, Philippine Volcanoes)

  4. Sports is all about participation, it doesn’t matter whether you lose or win. In a game played by two teams. there will always be a loser and a winner. To face a better team will only make you better. Look at England, when they toured Australia in 1998 when they lost 74-0 and in 5 years they became the World Champion. And closer to home, Singapore was trashed by Hong Kong in 1994 by a cricket scoreline but in 5 years, they are one of the strongest union in the region.

    The Team is a young team, and through this kind of experience that this team will be better.

    What make a team a bigger Loser is knowing they would lose a game and trying to avoid the game at any cost.

    -A National Player that toured to Guam-

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