What a Final

How should I describe it …. amazing? Awesome? heart thumping? Stressful?

Let’s say … all of the above!

Full time Bandar Blacks 9 Pythons 9

Extra time 9 Pythons 9

Sudden death 9 Pythons 9

Drop Goal competition: Bandar Blacks 2 Pythons 1, I googled for “Drop Goal Competition Winner”, guess what .. there is none! Should I say that Bandar Blacks are the World’s first winner of a Drop Goal Competition. How is that for the record book.

Did I mention it’s an awesome final …. hell yeah it was!

The WINNER is definitely Brunei Rugby.

Man of the Tournament: Petrus Tuan of Belait Pythons

Man of the Final: Ahmad Faez Anwar (Ezy) of Bandar Blacks

Most Improved team: ABDB Rugby

League Winner for Dr Haji Kamaruddin Cup: Belait Pythons

Play off Winner for Darussalam Cup: Bandar Blacks

Thank you for your support, what an amazing season. We’ll see you again next year!


3 Responses to “What a Final”

  1. 1 -g0m3ng-
    May 24, 2008 at 10:25 am

    too bad cant watch the final…
    anyone take any video for the game?
    congrat to the winner n to the others..
    there will be next year to try…

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