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Semi Finals report

Bandar Blacks vs The Knights

What was expected to be a tough game turnout to be the opposite. Bandar Blacks marshaled by its captain Steven Lai proved that they were the worthy winner. The lack of experience playing in Big games was obvious yesterday for the Knights. it was obviously a game between men and boys.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience for the Knights boys for many years to come, with an average age of 21 … the Knights is the team of the future!

Final Score – Bandar Blacks 48 The Knights 12

Belait Pythons vs Yachties

With the score 72-12 in the Dr. Haji Kamaruddin Cup, everyone expected that the Pythons will run riot again in this match, however it turned out the opposite too. Yachties defended well, but unfortunately the ‘eel like’ oval ball was too slippery for the Yachties to have a decent attack through the back line. 7-0 score during the first half wasn’t what was expected for this game.

However the grandpas and uncles representing the Yachties were too old for the youthful Pythons throughout the second half, when they went down 15-38 at full time.

Next weekend Finals

Date: 17th May 2008

1615 hrs – 3rd/4th Position for Darussalam Cup play off

The Knights vs Yachties

GRAND FINAL Darussalam Cup


Belait Pythons vs Bandar Blacks


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