Call to Arms : Guam

Two Open Selection session to choose players for the National team tour to Guam will be organized in Seria and Bandar this week.

Schedule is as follows:

Seria (Lorong 5 Padang) : 3pm – 6pm / 28th May 2008 (Wednesday)

Bandar (Kebajikan Field 2): 3pm – 6pm / 30th May 2008 (Friday)

All are welcome. Please bring Jogging Shoes, Boots, T shirt and Rugby Shorts.

Please contact Head Coach Zakaria Haji Hamzah for more details at +6738174765 or email us bruneirugby (at) yahoo (dot) com

More news on the final

From Brunei Times

LAST NIGHT’S Darussalam Cup Championship final between defending champions Belait Pythons and 2006 winners Bandar Blacks was touted as the Brunei Rugby Football Union Grand Final, and it certainly lived up to its name.

With the scores tied at 9-9 after the final whistle at the raucous Belapan Track & Field in Berakas, no points were to be scored in the extra time which totalled 15 minutes, and the match had to be decided with a drop-kick contest.

Five players from each team had to take a drop-kick each, and for the Bandar Blacks, Man of the Match Ahmad Faiz and Nobel Lee successfully converted two of them to grab the title from the Belait side.

The Pythons had only managed to score one drop-kick and failed to score on the last attempt to tie the game, but even if they did, the Bandar Blacks would have had the upper hand as they had another drop-kick to complete.

The last four games between the two sides had ended in wins for the Pythons, though it had never been a championship match.

Naturally, the Bandar Blacks camp was jubilant to come out tops in what was undoubtedly the closest final in Brunei rugby history.

“I feel exhilarated and relieved at the same time because it was a close game which could have gone either way,” said Bandar Blacks manager Clifford Chin.

“I think this is the best ever final and not for one second did we doubt that we could hold them off,” said Chin, adding that the team played an excellent game in defence.

The Belait Pythons captain Petrus Tuan understandably painted a less joyful picture, but felt that his team had nothing to be ashamed of.

“This is the first time a final has reached drop-kicks and though I am a bit disappointed we lost, I feel it was an achievement we were able to stretch the match this far,” said Tuan, who is also the national team’s stand off.

It was his penalty kick late in the second half which gave the Pythons a 9-6 lead, their first in the game and one which they hoped would carry them through.

However, a foul on the other end of the pitch moments later saw the Bandar Blacks hit back with a penalty kick of their own, setting up for a tense extra time and an unprecedented drop-kick contest after that.

The Bandar-based team took the lead in the first half with a penalty kick early in the match, and though the Pythons would reply with another of their own, the Bandar Blacks regained the lead to set the scores at 6-3 heading into the locker room.

The Pythons went on to equalise in the second half before Tuan’s penalty kick gave them a short-lived lead.

-Jason Thomas 0f Brunei Bulletin-


From Sunday Bulletin

Bandar Blacks prevented the Belait Pythons from achieving a double in this year’s Brunei Rugby Football Union Interclub Tournament when they beat them in a 2-1 drop kick in the final of the Darussalam Cup after both teams were tied 9-a-piece at regulation time.

The Belait Pythons who had already won the Dr Haji Kamaruddin Cup are looking to take their second silverware of the year.

The final at the Balapan field last night saw Bandar Blacks took the lead with a penalty converted by No 11 Quan. However, Belait Pythons’ Petrus levelled the score 3-3 through a penalty conversion on 23rd minutes.

Just before the interval, Bandar Blacks regained the lead through Quan again when he converted his second penalty of the night to lead 6-3.

The seesaw game continued in the second half when No 10 Petrus was again on target to convert another penalty to tie the score 6-6.

Thirty-two minutes after the interval, Quan converted his third penalty of the night for Bandar Blacks to lead 9-6 but the celebration was shortlived as No 11 Dinlee of Belait Pythons scored another penalty conversion to draw 9-9.

The score remained the same until regular time and then overtime and to sudden death.

In the drop kick, Belait Pythons managed only a kick passed the crossbar while Bandar Blacks managed to hit two kicks over to win.

of Royal Brunei Land Force, Colonel Pengiran Dato Paduka Haji Rosli bin Pengiran Haji Chuchu as the guest-of-honour presented the prizes to the winners.

Player of the final award went to Izzy (Faez) of Bandar Blacks while the player of the tournament was Petrus of Belait Pythons. The award for most improved team of the tournament went to Royal Brunei Armed Forces Team.

-James Kon of Brunei Press-

Check for more photos at Anak Brunei‘s Site

What a Final

How should I describe it …. amazing? Awesome? heart thumping? Stressful?

Let’s say … all of the above!

Full time Bandar Blacks 9 Pythons 9

Extra time 9 Pythons 9

Sudden death 9 Pythons 9

Drop Goal competition: Bandar Blacks 2 Pythons 1, I googled for “Drop Goal Competition Winner”, guess what .. there is none! Should I say that Bandar Blacks are the World’s first winner of a Drop Goal Competition. How is that for the record book.

Did I mention it’s an awesome final …. hell yeah it was!

The WINNER is definitely Brunei Rugby.

Man of the Tournament: Petrus Tuan of Belait Pythons

Man of the Final: Ahmad Faez Anwar (Ezy) of Bandar Blacks

Most Improved team: ABDB Rugby

League Winner for Dr Haji Kamaruddin Cup: Belait Pythons

Play off Winner for Darussalam Cup: Bandar Blacks

Thank you for your support, what an amazing season. We’ll see you again next year!

Mark this date ….

Semi Finals report

Bandar Blacks vs The Knights

What was expected to be a tough game turnout to be the opposite. Bandar Blacks marshaled by its captain Steven Lai proved that they were the worthy winner. The lack of experience playing in Big games was obvious yesterday for the Knights. it was obviously a game between men and boys.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience for the Knights boys for many years to come, with an average age of 21 … the Knights is the team of the future!

Final Score – Bandar Blacks 48 The Knights 12

Belait Pythons vs Yachties

With the score 72-12 in the Dr. Haji Kamaruddin Cup, everyone expected that the Pythons will run riot again in this match, however it turned out the opposite too. Yachties defended well, but unfortunately the ‘eel like’ oval ball was too slippery for the Yachties to have a decent attack through the back line. 7-0 score during the first half wasn’t what was expected for this game.

However the grandpas and uncles representing the Yachties were too old for the youthful Pythons throughout the second half, when they went down 15-38 at full time.

Next weekend Finals

Date: 17th May 2008

1615 hrs – 3rd/4th Position for Darussalam Cup play off

The Knights vs Yachties

GRAND FINAL Darussalam Cup


Belait Pythons vs Bandar Blacks

Hear ye! … Hear Ye!

Press Release

The BRFU Dr. Haji Kamaruddin Cup Champions (league competition) came to a close last weekend. Two games were played last week to determine placement for the Darussalam Cup (Play-offs) competition which commence this weekend.

Belait Python Rugby Club emerged as the first champion of the Dr. Haji Kamaruddin Cup by winning all their matches played with bonus points. However, they did not play The Knights Rugby Club, as The Knights forfeited the game, as they were short of match fit players for the match.

Three other teams also qualified for the play offs. Bandar Blacks, The Knights and Royal Brunei Yacht Club (Yachties) became runners up, 3rd and 4th placing in the 6-team round robin competition.

In the Darussalam Cup Play offs semi final, Belait Pythons will meet RBYC Yachties whilst Bandar Blacks will face off against The Knights. In the Dr. Haji Kamaruddin Cup, Belait Pytons thrashed Yachties with the highest score in the competition with 72-12 and Bandar Blacks managed to edge The Knights with a last minute try 14-0.

The kick off for Bandar Blacks against The Knights will be at 4.15 pm ( 10th May 2008 ) followed by the cruncher between Belait Pythons and Yachties at 8.15 pm. All games are at Belapan Stadium. All are welcomei. Admission is free!

Judgment – Motion to remove tournament rule

Judicial Committee hearing – Friday 2nd May 2008

Offices of Ms Cheok Sankaran Halim, BSB


Panel – Roy Prabhakaran (Chairman), Simon Harris, Garry Anderson


Ainol Razman on behalf of BRFU

Johannas Hickey – Tournament Director

Dinie, Ijan and Malie on behalf of Knights RFU

To consider: Motion by the BRFU to revoke a rule of an ongoing tournament/competition and replace that rule with a new rule.

As a preliminary issue all present confirmed that they did not have any objections to the constitution of the panel nor the jurisdiction of the panel.

This motion was borne out of repercussions from a tournament game that the Knights RFC forfeited against KB Pythons RFC on 26th April 2008.

Various things happened with accusations of cheating being leveled against Knights RFC which, understandably, ultimately led to the Knights RFC withdrawing themselves from the tournament.

Parties took it upon themselves to resolve the problems in respect of the Knights withdrawal and we are glad to be informed that apologies have been issued, the Knights have withdrawn their withdrawal from the competition and the tournament director and BRFU have accepted this. Therefore the Knights are duly reinstated in the tournament.

What the forfeit did bring to light is the fact that the BRFU felt that the present rules in respect of forfeiting games was open to abuse by teams that may have assured themselves of semi final play offs. Such intentional forfeits, although not affecting these teams, it is claimed, may have an adverse impact on teams that may still be in with a chance for semi final play off places.

Various possibilities were put forward by the BRFU in support of proving that such adverse repercussions were real in the event of an abuse of the present rule by way of an intentional forfeit. Based on these possibilities, the BRFU felt that the rule in this respect needed to be revoked and/or amended in an attempt to pre-empt any possible abuse. They moved us under IRB rule 20.1.8 i.e. to prevent the game from being brought into disrepute.

As was pointed out to the BRFU, we do not doubt that teams could abuse the rules but felt that we were confident that teams were mature enough not to do such things. We further felt that the BRFU could, in the event a team intentionally abuses these rules, refer the team to a Judicial Panel for sanction. We however reminded the BRFU that any accusation would be serious and needed cogent proof.

We felt that the possibilities put forward by the BRFU were pure conjecture. We felt that the rules were prepared prior to the teams registering for the tournament and that to change the rules midway would be wrong.

We take into consideration that rugby is developing in Brunei and that this tournament is in its infancy. We are therefore aware to the possibility of there being shortfalls in the rules. Tournament organizers will learn from these experiences and quite correctly make the necessary adjustments for future tournaments. We certainly did not feel that wholesale changes mid way through a tournament would lend credibility to the tournament. We therefore dismissed the BRFU’s motion.

In passing we felt that it was necessary to comment about teams/players/members leveling accusations of cheating against another team on the internet. May we take this opportunity to remind everyone involved in rugby that such accusations, which we feel may be “coffee shop” talk, when posted on the internet are very serious matters which actually bring the game into disrepute. We would therefore urge members and players to refrain from publicly making adverse accusations of another team and/or player unless they are absolutely serious about it.

We are thankful to all parties for their attendance at very short notice.

Dated 5.5.08