Psst… I’ve got a secret!

Pssst … wanna know a secret?

My body just can’t take the beating anymore. I guess its the age factor! Nevertheless, it’s good to see how the local boys are coping with the game.

I put it down to the typical evolution of the game. Just like any other countries, this game was introduced by a group of ‘Rugby mad expatriate’ who are literally married to the game. Just like any marriage, they need offspring to carry on with their legacy, hence the introduction of the game to the locals.

I remember the good ‘ol days when Yachties used to beat the crap out of any local teams, but the table has been overturned now. A cricket score in Seria last weekend was a prime example of the program’s success. Thanks to Tim and Zack who has nurtured these boys to become men.

Petrus Tuan, Rudy Baja, Muhammad Ziyad, Habib Kamis, AK Muiz, Isa, Dinnie, Salihin Bujang, Abdul Aziz, Shariff Rasani and many more, are all below 25 and they have heaps of years to play the game competitively, and we hope that these boys won’t stop their involvement in the game, even as they have pass their ‘shelf life’ as the future of the game in Brunei really relies in their hand. They are the future Administrators, Coaches and Referees in the country.

Based on the quality of the game last weekend (I was on the side line after 15 minutes of play … due to obvious reasons!), Brunei’s club rugby quality is not far off the quality of other rugby playing nation in the region. Give a year or two, I believe that these boys will be ready to take on the likes of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. But the crucial thing is that these boys MUST have the determination to succeed. We don’t want to be a ‘Juara Kampung’ (village hero).

Psst … I’ve got another secret!

There is a big chance BRFU is going to sign an agreement with a Guinness Premiere League Team!


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