Bandar Blacks


The concept of Yin and Yang describes the two opposing side but at the same time complement each other. We can use this when we describe the relationship between the Yachties and Bandar Blacks.

Whilst Yachties was founded by a bunch of drunkard expatriates who long for a game of rugby (they need reasons to go on tour …), Bandar Blacks was founded by a bunch of Mosque going Muslims, Church going Christians and Temple going Taoist locals (integration at its truest meaning) who wants to excel in this game.

Formed in 2005, the fast, young and talented Bandar Blacks players took home the Championship a year after its formation. When I was with Yachties back in 2003, I was among the youngest player (at 34) but when I joined Blacks three years later (at 37) I got the rights to be named the Club’s Uncle!

Head Coach (and Founder) Ben Peacocke  said that with the average age of 28 and experience to match, Bandar Blacks of 2008 will be the team to watch in this championship. Players to watch are Nobel ‘the silent assassin’  Lee, Steve ‘Captain’ Lai and Clifford ‘the Beefcake’ Chin.


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