Royal Brunei Yacht Club ‘Yachties’ is the only one left among the two original rugby clubs in Brunei.


Like the other expatriate based clubs within the region, Yachties were among the clubs who were responsible to introduce the game in the Sultanate. The first recorded game which was played in Brunei was between Yachties (representing Bandar) and Penaga Club (representing Seria) in 1957.


The club flourished during the ‘Golden Era’ of early 90’s till the early years of the new millennium. They were the three times Champion of the Bali tens, two time finalist of Jakarta tens, played in the prestigious SCC 7’s and Manila 10’s.


Yachties were the 3-time winner of the British High Commissioner Cup which was introduced in 1995 and last played in 2001. The British High Commissioner Cup was an annual game between the two biggest rival in Brunei Rugby History … Yachties and the Penaga Crocs.



For the record, Yachties were the first BRFU Interclub Champion.

Yachties was also responsible developing players that played in the Hong Kong 7’s between 1984 – 1988.


Barry Moore and Laurie Harris (members of the Yachties of the 80’s) were among those responsible in the formation of BRFU in 1983. The re-registration of the Union was done by a group of Yachties members in 2003 headed by Ben Peacocke and Ainol Razman who was then the captain and vice captain of the club.

With a mixture of experience and youth in this year’s team, Yachties hopes that it will be the beginning of the second wave of Golden Era for the team. Players to watch this year are Isa, Dom, Sharif Rasani, Muiz, Samra, AK Qadir and the ever green Mark Pyrgos. Also watch for the super sub Khay … can he last more than a minute!


2 thoughts on “Yachties”

  1. Words from the street, this uncle Khay is being forced to play 1st 15 for the opening game against the ABDB. We managed to catch up with his publicist. According to her, he has been on a fitness training for the last 6 months where he undergoes toning regime 5 times a week which includes running in a gunny sack for 2 hours, mouth diving for 45 minutes non-stop and dart throwing session.

    Lets just hope he can last for 5 minutes for this first game!

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