Who might it be next?

Lest we forget, 5th April … hell will let loose.

6 teams will compete for this year’s bragging rights to be the finest in the Sultanate. Yachties, Blacks and Pythons … all have tasted the sweet taste of success. So who will be it this year?

I must say, Royal Brunei Police is the most improved team in the tournament, based on their track record. Could it be them? Or can the man who hails from Kaap die Goeie Hoop brings hope to Military Boys?

Can the ‘Old Boys’ of rugby the Yachties create history by being the first team to win the tournament twice?

Can The Bandar Black, blank the score sheets of the other teams?

Can Pythons swallow the opponents whole and be the champion back to back?

Or might The Knights shine in their debut?

I just can’t say. There is no clear favorite in this year’s tournament.

But whatever it is, the National Team Scout will have hellava time scouting for this year’s National Squad. We’re going Guam Babeh! We’re going there full force. Only the best of the best will be chosen for this year’s squad.

Call to Arms to all Brunei’s Rugby export who are interested to join the squad. Please contact us at bruneirugby@yahoo.com for inquiries.

Next … Team’s profile


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