We’re Just Starting …

An awesome season boys!

This season’s age group championship will be the benchmark for many years to come. As I mentioned in my previous article, rugby culture needed to be created in schools to get the game going; and this has been proven by schools such as SOAS College, Jerudong International School (JIS), Sekolah Awang Semaun, Sekolah Sharif Ali, Sekolah Rimba and Sixth Form Centre in Berakas.

A healthy rivalry between these schools is also good for the game. SOAS College won both the under-16 and the under-18 championship this year, and now has put a price on their head. They are now the team to beat for next year and years to come. SOAS College has now become ‘The All Blacks’ or the ‘Brazil’ in the age group championship.

Teams that did not do well in this year’s championship should not throw the towel and give up the game. You need to know your weaknesses and strength and work on it. Success doesn’t come easy. If you are short of players, recruit them. If you are short of skills, train harder. If you are short of breath, lose weight and built more muscle! You have one year to work on that.

Rugby is the ultimate team game. It’s all about the heart. The more you put your heart into it, the more you will succeed. Size does not matter. I can say rugby players come in all shapes and sizes. You can be skinny as Mackenzie Crook or as big as Konishiki Yasokichi there are always positions that rugby can fit you in.

BRFU will be looking for 30 most talented individuals from these two championships as our ‘Tunas’ group for the future of rugby in Brunei. For those who are not chosen, you have at least 10 more years to prove yourselves that you are worthy for national call ups. Do not give up and always try harder. We will be training this ‘Tunas’ group to be at par as the old boys of rugby in the region such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Once that mission is successful, we’ll be looking at Chinese Taipei, Arabian Gulf and Hong Kong and maybe one day we’ll be at par as Japan and Korea. This vision is not an impossible vision, as long as we put 110% effort to make it successful.

His Majesty’s Government has always given us the support for the success of rugby in this Sultanate. Success doesn’t come cheap. To progress, BRFU will need partners that we can work with to promote and improve ourselves in the game. We’ve managed to secure our first partner late last year with Carisbrook of New Zealand. We’ve estimated that we will need at least B$100,000 a year for the development of the game here in Brunei. This figure is small, compared to US$4 Million a year that the Japanese Rugby Union is spending on the development of the game in their country. If you are interested in working together with BRFU, please do not hesitate to contact us at Bruneirugby@yahoo.com and we’re ready to discuss the proposal with you.

Last but not least I would like to thank all of you who were involved with the tournament. Without your passion this tournament would not be a success. Special thanks to Hans Hickey for organizing everything under the sun, from training the boys (2 schools!!) to organizing their water and transport.

You’re the Man Hansie!!




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