A thriller end to a great tournament

Now that’s the only word I can think of describing the under-16 tournament this year.
It is because it will be a nail biting finish for 3 teams in the tournament. JIS and SOAS played to a draw 17-17 which will actually open up the uncertainity of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing.
JIS is still leading the under-16 table with that draw, but with no more match to play, they just have to wait for the outcome of next week’s game. Next week’s match between Sekolah Awang Semaun and SOAS will be the decider.
  • If SOAS wins, and scoring less that 5 points difference, JIS will win the competition
  • If SOAS wins more that 5 points, they take the championship.
  • If SOAS lose, not only that they will not win the championship, Sekolah Awang Semaun will creep up to 2nd position if they score the bonus point.
What a thriller !!!
Tune in next week for the results …..
Under 16                  
  P W L D F A D B Points
Jerudong International School 4 3 0 1 114 49 65 2 13
SOAS 3 2 0 1 87 27 60 2 10
Sekolah Awang Semaun 3 2 1 0 51 80 -29 1 7
Sekolah Sharif Ali 3 0 3 0 51 88 -37 1 2
Sekolah Menengah Rimba 3 0 3 0 15 74 -59 1 1

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