You know you are old when …..

Fat short and ugly is the best you can describe a front row forward

uglyrugby.jpg szarzewski.jpg
Then – Roundtree                                   Pretty boy Szarzeweki

Rugby jerseys were long sleeved, not body hugging (looks ugly on a front row forward) and made out of non-syntactic Material.

robandrew.jpg                 stade.jpg

Fran Cotton Designed this                   Kenzo Takada Designed this

Its ok to smoke and drink when you play (teetotelism doesn’t exist in rugby player’s vocabulary)

jonny.jpg                sergeblanco.jpg
broke that rule recently                        3 packs a day – he is French anyway

Scotland was a good team

Hall of famer –Hasting

League players were Rugby Union outcasts

Farrell – the famous code-changer

South Africa can’t play any test matches

osdurant1.jpg osdurant2.jpg
Two times world champion Os Du Randt

All Blacks were the World Champion

The only time All Blacks beat France in the World Cup

last but not least ……..

You can only last 1/2 a minute in a 10 minute game!!

Khay – substituted after 20 seconds during Labuan Tens 2007