Why do they keep comparing ….

I was browsing through the Facebook (everyone is addicted to it, it seems) trying to check on some chicks online when I stumbled onto the search button (I am really a novice … trust me) and tried my luck out by typing ‘Rugger Bugger’ on it. I’m not surprised when I saw Khay’s face there but what surprised me most was a ‘Facebook group’ called 101 Reasons Why Football is Better Than Rugby. They’ve managed to recruit 462 poofters!!!

I don’t think that any Rugger Bugger gives a damn about what the soccer poofs thinks about us. We’re too self absorb and/or too stupid to realize it. They can buy all the Ferarris or Lamborghinis in the world, but what differentiate a man to a wuss is how fast can one skull / Skol his pint.

Check out this video … I don’t think I need to give 101 reasons why I think Sucker Soccer players are wussers.

I’ve set up a Facebook Group named Rugger Buggers in Brunei. It’s our turn to show the guys with Softballs that Rugby is a game for men with Hardballs.